Calvin L. Harris

Front-End Engineer


About Me


I’m a Web Designer + Front-End Web Developer. A Queens Native, now residing in Brooklyn. I grew up in St.Albans, Queens, which is known for its deep history in Jazz and Hip-Hop culture. It’s lead me to be “a Hungry Hip-Hop Junkie” with a passion for visual art and new technology. Hobbies include: Photography, Video Games, Comic Books, R/C racing.

I also run my business – StompinGrounDigital Design (SGD-DESIGN). Through it, I have worked on a variety of freelance projects (Web, Interactive, Print & Identity), some of my most recent projects include: Loud Speakers Network, YouGottaEatThis, Swaray, BCakeNY and Black Girls Rock


  • React / Rect Native / JS
  • GatsbyJS / NextJS
  • WordPress / PHP
  • NPM / YARN
  • GIT + CI/CD
  • Adobe CS + Figma



Need a site built, customized, maintained or updated? Want to add eCommerce?
I can customize Wordpress, Shopify and SquareSpace sites.

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